Drone captures beautiful film flying through fireworks

Drone captures beautiful film flying through fireworks

This video—shot from a drone over West Palm Beach, Florida—takes you into the heart of a fireworks display. It almost feels like you are flying between explosions surrounded by colors hundreds of feet above the ground. I thought fireworks couldn’t get any better and I was wrong. This is awesome!

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Inside Game 5 of the 2014 NBA Finals

San Antonio is known for a few things: the Alamo, the River Walk and the Spurs. In 2014, as was the case last year, the NBA Finals saw the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs battle it out for basketball glory, though this time, the team from Texas had…

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Recharging This Backup Battery Takes As Little As 15 Minutes

Recharging This Backup Battery Takes As Little As 15 Minutes

A backup battery can be a lifesaver if your phone is on the brink of dying—but only if it isn’t dead as well. External power packs can usually take hours to charge depending on their capacity, but UNU claims its new Ultrapak GO and TOUR batteries can be charged enough to top off a smartphone in just fifteen minutes.

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A 90-Year Human Life in Weeks (And How You’ll Spend Them)

A 90-Year Human Life in Weeks (And How You'll Spend Them)

Ever wondered how your life might pan out? Well, certain aspects of it are fairly predictable—as this wonderful chart, breaking down a 90-year life in weeks, demonstrates.

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Apple Still Wants to Use Liquidmetal in Its Hardware

Apple Still Wants to Use Liquidmetal in Its Hardware

Apple has long held ambitions to use liquidmetal in its devices , having bought exclusive rights to Liquidmetal Technologies’ metal alloys for use in consumer electronics way back in 2010. Now, it’s renewed those rights.

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Japan’s Secret WWII Weapon: Exploding Balloons

Japan’s Secret WWII Weapon: Exploding Balloons

WWII saw the development of some zany designs for weapons, such as when the U.S. developed pigeon guided missiles and (literal) bat bombs (the latter of which were a little too effective, accidentally destroying the testing base when they escaped), or when the Soviets trained exploding anti-tank dogs. Not to be left out of the fun, the Japanese developed their own oddball weapon. Starting in November of 1944, Japan launched over 9,000 devices they called "Fu-Gos" aimed at the United States and Canada. Fu-Gos were hydrogen balloons equipped with incendiary devices that, in theory, would be transported over the Pacific Ocean via the jet stream to devastate the landscape, perhaps starting massive fires in farm fields and forests across North America.

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These drawings are actually porcelain sculptures

These drawings are actually porcelain sculptures

Art that’s unexpected always tickles me. Like these pieces from Katharine Morling. They look like black and white drawings from a comic book but they’re actually ceramic sculptures made from clay and porcelain. Yep, these things aren’t just sketches or made from paper, they’re cheeky fun sculptures.

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